Allegro sets up its own medium with Prowly

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Allegro sets up its own medium with Prowly


Allegro, the biggest online transaction platform in Poland, is launching a new site dedicated to its communication activities: _magazyn.Allegro. The site has been designed and commenced using the Prowly app, intended for PR specialists, which thus introduced new features in its offer.  

Traditional PR is no longer enough for brands to build engaging relations with their environments. In order to face the challenges of modern communication, PR specialists keep acquiring new competencies bordering on SEO, content marketing, brand journalism and social media, to not only build brand awareness among their target groups, but also get audiences engaged with their stories.
A growing number of brands drop traditional PR tools such as press releases to build and develop own media, used to tell their stories in a language that's friendly towards members of the target group. The global pioneers of such an approach are brands like Coca Cola, Intel, IBM, General Electric, Microsoft and McDonald’s.
Today, we're witnessing the launch of _magazyn.Allegro, that is the brand's own medium, where its entire communication, including all the target groups, has been integrated. _magazyn.Allegro has been developed using new features of Prowly - the web app for PR communication - which thus enhances its offer with new possibilities.

Prowly was created to trigger changes in the communication market. Since its launch a dozen or so months ago, we've been developing it systematically and consistently, based on the latest trends in communication. We're glad that the direction we've decided to head into has met with appreciation of the biggest player in the Polish e-commerce industry. Thanks to working with Allegro, we've reached another milestone in our app's life cycle, allowing users to create their own, technologically advanced communication channels for their brands, that simultaneously serve as press offices and own media aimed at target audiences - says Joanna Drabent, CEO and the mastermind behind Prowly.  

When it comes to our communication initiatives, we strive to get even closer to end-clients: sellers and buyers at Allegro. We mainly aim the new site at them, because we believe that direct relations foster trust and satisfaction. _magazyn.Allegro shows the satisfaction of responsible shopping, which is a commonplace lifestyle elements in modern society. We don't withdraw from contact with media and other leaders of opinion. _magazyn.Allegro can become an inspiration for them to develop their own materials. We're always willing to extend a hand towards journalists and bloggers, providing information about what's going on in the e-commerce industry and at Allegro - says Paweł Klimiuk, Spokesman and Director of Corporate Communication at Allegro. 

_magazyn.Allegro is comprised of a number of sections, that will substitute the brand's blogging platforms and the existing press office. There are also new themed sections, such as trends, career and smart shopping. The published materials are developed by the portal's editorial staff, including employees of Allegro, as well as external partners - mainly experienced publishers and journalists. The _magazyn.Allegro site wouldn't be complete without content provided by invited guests. _magazyn.Allegro delivers feature articles, as well as videos, presentations and infographics.
Content published at _magazyn.Allegro is widely available to all users of the Internet. Anyone can sign up for newsletter, digesting the most interesting articles. Journalists and bloggers, who have signed up for the press list via newsletter, will receive alerts about planned publication of some of the more important materials, so that they have time to get ready to develop their own content. 
About Allegro
Allegro is currently one of the most dynamically growing tech companies in Poland, and at the same time, the biggest e-commerce platform in East-Central Europe. According to independent research, it's also the strongest commercial brand in Poland, which is only confirmed by Rzeczpospolita's Ranking Polskich Marek and the Superbrands list, according to which Allegro is one of the six strongest brands in Poland. As reported by PBI/Gemius Megapanel, the site is being visited by nearly 14 mln users a month. 
About Prowly
Prowly is a CRM for PR professionals, that's been in the market for nearly two years. Several hundred professionals already use it in Poland, including PR team members for brands such as IKEA, Spotify and National Geographic. The company has also launched international sales and boasts its first users in the UK, Belgium and the US. 

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