Prowly just got bigger!

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Prowly just got bigger!


After raising $1.1 M series pre-A funding, SaaS startup develops its teams in US and Europe

Prowly, a startup operating in SaaS market, has just announced significant developments of its teams both in US and Europe.
The US team hired three team members. Derek Neuland, who joined in April, holds the position of Business Development Representative. Derek has a passion for research and connecting businesses when there is a mutual fit. Before joining the startup, he worked for companies like, Telerik and Modulus. Prowly also puts focus towards building a strong community around in the US by organizing a series of webinars for PR experts, brand journalists and custom publishers. Nicole V. Scott, who took the position of Community Manager in the US in March, leads the Prowly Academy webinar project and provides proactive support to the community on and To secure a dynamic strategic growth in the US, Prowly hired Kaya Kwasniewska, an entrepreneur and international business consultant with over 9 years of experience. As Leads Growth in the US Market, Kaya is also responsible for teamwork coordination.
Prowly is also planning to strenghten its position in Europe. The has team recently hired Wojtek Dwojacki, whose responsibility is to coordinate sales process across the continent as European Sales Manager. Wojtek works closely with Matt Lukaszewski, Sales Development Representative, who joined in March. Both have years of experience in B2B and B2C sales process, focusing on IT and SaaS products mostly.

"At the beginning of 2015, Prowly employed four people. Each of us had to take care of literally everything." - explains Joanna Drabent, CEO & co-founder at Prowly. "Today we have three offices, including Boston, MA, from where our US branch operates, and everyone has their own, specific role in the team. And we're just getting started!"

The startup from Poland now employs seventeen people. Meet the rest of the team.
Prowly is a SaaS platform (Software as a Service), designed for PR professionals to streamline their communications efforts. It was established in May 2013 in Poland, where it now holds the leader position in PR Software market. January 2016, Prowly raised $1.1 M series pre-A funding to introduce the product abroad. Read more.

Gallery below:

  1. Derek Neuland, Business Development Representative
  2. Kaya Kwasniewska, Leads Growth in the US Market
  3. Matt Lukaszewski, Sales Development Representative
  4. Wojtek Dwojacki, European Sales Manager
  5. Nicole V. Scott, Community Manager in the US Market

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Hej Sweden! Prowly is here, a PR & brand journalism startup from Warsaw has officially launched in Sweden. The startup already works with clients like Spotify, Ikea and Stockholm-based