Hej Sweden! Prowly is here

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Hej Sweden! Prowly is here


Prowly.com, a PR & brand journalism startup from Warsaw has officially launched in Sweden. The startup already works with clients like Spotify, Ikea and Stockholm-based NaturalBox.com

Today, over 65% of journalists point out that most PR newsrooms don’t meet their needs, among which are: access to multimedia files, accurate contact information or current news*. Established in 2013 in Warsaw, Prowly aims to supply companies of all levels with modern, digital newsrooms that answer these needs. Prowly Brand Journals are suitable for all sorts of content marketing activities, supporting brands’ communication in B2B or B2C markets.

“Sweden has a great storytelling potential – brands like Saab, Spotify or Handelsbanken have already proven their understanding of what Brand Journalism is.” – says Joanna Drabent, CEO & Co-founder of Prowly. “By launching Prowly in Sweden, we want to provide this market with a proper tool to ensure that brands’ stories are being heard by the right audiences.”

Joanna Drabent, CEO & Co-founder at Prowly.com

Joanna Drabent, CEO & Co-founder at Prowly.com

Prowly already has over 100 clients in Europe, including IKEA, Hill+Knowlton Strategies or Spotify Press Office in Poland. The company has also had its first successes in Sweden, with NaturalBox.com using the Brand Journal to generate media buzz around their crowdsourcing project on FundedByMe. After 30 days, NaturalBox.com reached over 200% funding, after getting coverage from targeted key media outlets.

"I really think Prowly is an awesome PR and digital tool. It allows you to be creative and create useful content together with embedding digital content. It takes PR and communication to a whole new level, and it's really convenient to work with. I would strongly recommend it to everyone who is working with brand building and social media. I just love it!”

Alicja Chlebna, Founder & CEO at NaturalBox.com

Prowly launch in Sweden is coordinated by Joanna Drabent and Wojtek Dwojacki, European Sales Manager. For more information about the launch, visit sweden.prowly.com.
What is Prowly?
Prowly is an online platform for PR pros, content marketers and brand journalists designed to streamline their communications efforts. At the heart of Prowly’s technology is what the company calls a Brand Journal, which enables companies and agencies to put all of their social and video channels, photos and blog posts in one place that tells their brand story on a continual basis. Prowly also provides tools for audience & media database management, along with campaign tracking and analytics. Several hundred professionals already use Prowly, including PR team members for brands such as IKEA, Spotify and National Geographic.

Prowly has been established in May 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, where it now holds the leader position in the PR Software market. The startup currently employs seventeen people across its offices in Warsaw and Lodz (Poland), and Boston, Massachusetts. In January 2016, Prowly raised $1.1 M series pre-A funding to introduce the product abroad. Read more.

*Journalists Speak Out: Brand Corporate Newsrooms Are Failing to Meet Reporters’ Needs, Study Finds, bulldogreporter.com

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Naturalbox Raises Capital With Prowly

Stockholm-based healthy food startup uses digital newsroom to effectively support its crowdsourcing campaign. Results: coverage in key media channels, nearly 100 investors, 212% campaign overfunding