Naturalbox Raises Capital With Prowly

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Naturalbox Raises Capital With Prowly

Naturalbox Raises Capital With Prowly


Stockholm-based healthy food startup uses digital newsroom to effectively support its crowdsourcing campaign. Results: coverage in key media channels, nearly 100 investors, 212% campaign overfunding

In order to raise capital for its operations, Naturalbox chose crowdsourcing over a traditional VC, engaging its customers, friends and fans. To make that happen, the startup decided to leverage all the advantages of social media and digital communication, and generate buzz around the campaign and the brand itself.
Naturalbox established a digital newsroom (or a brand journal) on, which became its communication hub. "Before we went live with our crowdfunding, we built a highly efficient PR and media room and created our ‘Brand Journal’ full of stories and news articles to make ourselves visible to the community." - says Alicja Chlebna, Founder & CEO at Naturalbox. According to Alicja, the brand journals allowed journalists and investors to easily find all the news, press materials and social media channels. "We even received feedback that people were going to our PR and media room just to hang out to see what’s going on in our company." - she adds.
Results? Nearly 100 investors from more than ten different countries have chosen to invest in Naturalbox crowdfunding campaign that became 212% overfunded and received important media coverage in key media channels.

"What is interesting is that we also noticed that many customers in our regular online store come directly from the media room, which is a testament to the fact that it’s a great way to attract attention and provide relevant content and education that later translates into sales."

Alicja Chlebna

For more about how Naturalbox used Prowly to enhance its crowdsourcing campaign, click here (you'll be redirected to our Prowly Magazine blog).
About Prowly
Prowly is an online platform for PR pros, content marketers and brand journalists designed to streamline their communications efforts. At the heart of Prowly’s technology is what the company calls a Brand Journal, which enables companies and agencies to put all of their social and video channels, photos and blog posts in one place that tells their brand story on a continual basis. Prowly also provides tools for audience & media database management, along with campaign tracking and analytics. Several hundred professionals already use Prowly, including PR team members for brands such as IKEA, Spotify and National Geographic.

Prowly has been established in May 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, where it now holds the leader position in the PR Software market. The startup currently employs seventeen people across its offices in Warsaw and Lodz (Poland), and Boston, Massachusetts. In January 2016, Prowly raised $1.1 M series pre-A funding to introduce the product abroad. Read more.
About Naturalbox
Naturalbox the first world-wide subscription service with full-sized natural and organic snacks, health and beauty. Our team is based in Stockholm and we are passionate about rawfood & superfood and we hope to inspire you to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We also provide a vegan alternative with only vegan products. All our products and brands are available on our online store

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