Vimeo Is Making Visual, Interactive Brand Journal for a ‘Post-Text’ Internet

Targeting the savvy reader of today isn’t a piece of cake. The rapid evolution of the social web means that the way content spreads is changing on a daily basis. The same goes for media relations. That’s why you have to listen to your audience and be more focused on making visual, post-text, and bite-sized content. Just like Vimeo does.
Don’t Do Media Relations. Do Inbound Relations Instead and Let Your Audience Find You

PR 3.0 is the PR of new technologies and new competencies. Today, when virtually everyone can publish content and almost instantly earn the rank of an opinion leader, the Holy Grail of your profession isn’t the traditional media relations anymore, but your very own conte
Make Vivid Stories & Stand Out From The Crowd

Communication in the digital era is dominated by multimedia. News releases are no exception here. This is why, by supporting brands and PR specialists who stand behind them in media relations, creating engaging content and distributing it, we are taking a step forward to
Story Creator: Time For Engaging and Interactive Content!

Basically, you should have done it some time ago, but if you’re reading this just now—get your act together, because your competitors will leave you far behind. Toss out dull and static content in favor of one that is engaging and interactive, and one that will get you m